i made a program in C# and i SAAVE ALL (from the button SAVE ALL) as the name "XXXXXXX" (the name doesn't metter now)

and now i want to change the name (dont ask why but its realy realy important).
and i dont no how to SAVE ALL AS like SAVE its SAVE the changes and SAVE AS saving the files at name and location that i want.
so i dont no how can i SAVE ALL AS, you understand?

so i tried to create a project & copy the all program with the code but its not working
so how can save all in other location??


I can't get you. Can you post your code, please?

this is not about the code its about the SAVING PROGRAM
i click SAVE ALL to save the project and now i want to SAVE ALL at other location in my computer and i dont no how cus there is no Button "SAVE ALL AS"

Go to "My Documents\Visual Studio\Projects\" and copy the folder from there to wherever you want and that's it.

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