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I have been working on fuzzy logic since some time now and have been developing models using matlab fuzzy logic toolbox.
Now however I am trying to work on c# platform. The problem with me is that the no of rules i have is in hundreds and earlier when i have written smaller programs i used if-else for these things but now can u give me some idea on the algo i should follow. I was thinking in terms of saving the rules as numerical variables in form of matrix or sumthing. I dont want a code from u but give me some idea about how should i proceed.

Thanx in advance


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Try using Switch Case

switch(n)  //basically like saying if n = case      
         case 1:   //so if n = 1 then
            cost += 25;
         case 2:   // if n = 2 then         
            cost += 25;
            goto case 1;    // do n=2 then n=1 you need a break to end the case or it will keep going on see in case 1 there is a break       
         case 3:   // is n = 3 then          
            cost += 50;
            goto case 1;         
         default:   // else         
            Console.WriteLine("Invalid selection. Please select 1, 2, or 3.");            
            break;      // stop or ENDIF

or (condition)? then:else;

( x < 1 )? j = 0 : j = 1;

I am not sure what you are trying to do so this is as much as I can help you.


the exact problem which i am having is that due to the no of input variables and the no of intervals in them the no of rules are in hundreds. hence if i manually feed each rule as this one then it will be a very lengthy process and moreover debugging will be very tough. Hence I was thinking of entering rules as conditions in a matrix of numerical values. I was asking on suggestions regarding the same.


I have never tried this but I guess you could define a boolean array.
something like.

bool[][] Matrice = new bool[4][4] / Make a 4 by 4 Bool array
Matrice[0][1] = x < y;
Matrice[0][2] = x > y;
// etc.

//and then just

if (Matrice[0][1])

Hope this helps.


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Iam having the same problem but worse, i have tried reading so many articles on fuzzy logic but none seems to have the answers i need. iam not so good in programming as i only did an elementary course, a hinderence in my quest for suggestions. Am trying to write rules to my fuzzy system, i know what rules i should write but the problem is how to write them and if say i wrote them as how exactly can i assert them to the two inputs i ntend to use and how to retrieve them is an even bigger mystery. i have been working with greg voits creating a fuzzy based inference engine but the linked lists are too many and what is worse is that i still cannot manipulate them. does anyone have a better alternative to greg voits work? or does anyone understand the entire program and could maybe explain it better.

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