hello frnds....i am mukul working on a java project using mysql database and swings in netbeans ide
can anyone tell me how to retrieve data from mysql and show tha data in JTable......in netbeans.......
i know how resultset and statements commanda.......but dont know how to show that data in JTable

Have you read the Java Tutorial about how to use JTables?
You need to understand them before trying to use them.

i,ve tried them .but there is some problem while using in netbeans..............

Sorry, I don't know anything about your IDE.

There shouldn't be any problem with NetBeans or any other IDE. The code not working rarely has anything with the IDE.
If you have some code that you can't get to work just post it with specific questions.

But first read some tutorials on how to read data from database (and store them into objects).
Then read about JTable and how to display values.
Then use the values from the object and display them at the JTable

well i,ve read some stufff but i think i should make myself more comfertable with JTable............welll thanx for your advice .......thanx all

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