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You did not show line 28 as error message indicates.
Your result will be always 1 since int division: 1/(e*i) always 0.
You should declare double e = 1.0 instead of int e;
For example, the java method in calculating PI using Lord formula could be:

double Lord(int n) {  // n represents number of iterations/terms
        double pi =1;
        double sqroot;
  for (int i = 3  ; i <n ; i +=2  )
        pi += 1.0/(i*i);
        pi = Math.sqrt(pi*8);
  return pi;

The calculation is arried out in terms of double instead of int type.

The java program is presented in terms of class. In C/C++ you may not define a class, but in Java you have to.
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