Hi there,
Apparently i have developed a tea auction system and one of the requirements that have come up is;
To generate invoices for each client, check the email address of the client and then generate emails for each client. So when the user opens the default mail browser he should see all the emails on the OutBox ready to be sent.
This is urgent and any help will be highly appreciated

seems no replys are forth coming but i've just gotten a solution. Am like the Achimedes who run on the street shouting Eureka!

Ar eyou still needing help?

any help is highly appreciated especially using the MAPI component to create emails e.g. checks files in a particular folder, attach them and send them to multiple recepient.
Thanks in advance

free component call vbsendmail.dll makes sending mail with attachments very easy.
Ithink you can find it here.


Public Function MailEOM(strFilename1 As String)
Set poSendmail = New vbSendMail.clsSendMail
poSendmail.SMTPHost = "main"
poSendmail.From = "admin@angelocomputers.com"
poSendmail.FromDisplayName = "Admin"
poSendmail.Recipient = "jw@angelocomputers.com"
poSendmail.RecipientDisplayName = "Test account"
poSendmail.ReplyToAddress = "jw@angelocomputers.com"
poSendmail.Subject = "End Of Month Reports"
poSendmail.Attachment = strFilename1
poSendmail.Message = ""
Set poSendmail = Nothing
End Function
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