I am trying to implement an application in which a Perl script uses Win32::OLE to populate a spreadsheet from a database and present it to the user. The user is then free to modify the spreadsheet manually. The modified data is then required to update the database. We would prefer that once the user finished work, he/she could click an Excel "button" to signal the Perl script to read in the modifications and update the DB.

Users are as far away from being a programmer as can be imagined (and to quote "Han Solo" from "Star-Wars", "... I can imagine quite a lot!" Therefore, implementing a cmd.exe window dialog for Perl to wait on the user to key something is not going to be accepted by the typical user. I am not sure he/she would even know what a "DOS window" is and how to look for it...

So, I am looking for an example of the use of the Win32::OLE package to wait until a message is received from the Excel (macro), and the neccessary elements in a VBA to implement the "Button".


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