Hi every one i would like some help on my project for software development that will mark my end of year and am really trying to figure out what i should work on. Any one please with cool ideas help me. It should be in java and Databases we have so far covered SQL and Ms.Access thx.

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Sports is a good topic for databases and there is lots of data publicly available. Pick a team sport so you have teams, players, player's statistics, games and their results, trades, injuries. You could then create a "fantasy team" Java program.


JDBC and MS Access is a good choice as you indicated. In addition to sports, may I mention about some other topics.
Depending on the data source available, and your own interests, you may work on a database for a particular research field.
For example for a research on political science, you may easily obtain some basic data on the presidency of USA and Canada.
For the World cup soccer 2010, you may concentrate on a specific aspect.
For the earth science your database could cover earthquake's disaster and prediction....

Technical discussion: Can we program JDBC in Java so that an image field from the MS Access database can be shown on a Java GUI?
Good luck

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