When i click "showcontents" it should display something like this in the label IF the file is non-text.

The problem is it would not show some non-text files.. or it would only display a few characters like "MZ"

Another is the copy button doesnt work. It should copy a file from the source to destination one byte at a time.


heres the copy and read part of my code, any help would be very much appreciated.. :D :D :D

Dim thefile, sAscii, thefile2, dAscii As String
Dim bUnicode() As Byte
Dim aUnicode() As Byte
Dim g1 As Integer
Dim g2 As Integer
Dim i, ff As Integer
Dim j, l As Integer

Public Sub Binary_read()

thefile = File1.Path + "\" + File1.FileName
'get file id
ff = FreeFile
Open thefile For Binary As #ff
    ReDim bUnicode(LOF(ff))
    Get #ff, , bUnicode
Close #ff

sAscii = StrConv(bUnicode, vbUnicode) 'Key function!

lbl_content.Caption = sAscii
End Sub

Public Sub Binary_copy()

thefile = File1.Path + "\" + File1.FileName
thefile2 = Dir2.Path
'get file id
g1 = FreeFile
Open thefile For Binary As #g1
g2 = FreeFile
Open thefile2 For Binary As #g2
Do Until EOF(g1)
    ReDim aUnicode(LOF(g2))
    Get #g1, , aUnicode
    Put #g2, , aUnicode
Close #g1
Close #g2
End Sub

You really need to loop up the Get Function in help... and then look up the Input Function or the InputB Function...

Good Luck