I am trying to do a program which does simple maths by scanning
using provided three items (two number and an operator) then let the program
do the calculatin and printout the result.

The way i have attempted it so far (below is the code) the value of the operator is also being included in the result.

Anyhelp to help me look at what i should do will be appreciated.

package jaavv;
import java.util.*;

public class Linie {

public static void main(String[] args){

String ti,ch,gi;

System.out.println("Please type your question here!");
Scanner adder = new Scanner(System.in);

ti = adder.next();
ch = adder.next();
gi = adder.next();

double newTi = Double.parseDouble(ti);
char newCh = ch.charAt(0);
double newGi = Double.parseDouble(gi);

System.out.println (newTi + newCh + newGi);


System.out.println (newTi + newCh + newGi);

Will not give you the desired result. Java do not have any inline function that will evaluate a expression.
You will have to write the method to evaluate.
You can do like check the value of 'newCh' and perform the operation on the two operators accordingly.

if(newCh == '+'){
  result = newTi + newGi;
else if(newCh == '-'){
  result = newTi - newGi;
//..and so on and at the end

Or you can also use some expression parsers available at

Hope this was helpful


i solved the problem using your advice. thank you
very much.