Hey Guys anyone know how to create a rotating 3d in vb6..


Fourty, you need to be quite cluded up on API's, coordinations etc. This is something I got from the web a few years back when I wanted to get involved in 3D. Never really tickled my fancy though, so I left it alone. The first has a lot of German in it. I am sure this can be used as pleased, no license or limitations was attached at the time - enjoy.

ill see it 2morrow
We are leaving the labs
See Ya,

By the way work for me on the search command for access database if u dont mind..

No problem. As soon as you send it, I will. Leaving soon as well.

Time to use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) and search for vb6 directx tutorial. Also, over at PSC (planet-source-code.com) you could do a search for vb6 3d and find many examples on directx and a few that do it without the use of directx...

Good Luck