Hi all. This is the scenario that i have right now.

i have a stored procedure created in MS SQL 2000 and is linked to my C# program. The stored procedure contains four select statements (which means it will return 4 tables). In my program, I have four datagrids and one data view. Upon clicking a button, it will execute the stored procedure and the command da.Fill(ds), and from that, the program will fill all the data grids. Say, DataGrid1.Datasource = ds.Tables[0], DataGrid2.Datasource = dt.Tables[1], and so on..

Here is my problem. In Debug Mode, it works fine. It returns four tables and it fills all the datagrids correctly. I tried to use Release Mode, it runs correctly if I'm running the entire program (pressed F5), but if I run the .exe file in \bin\Release, and clicked the button that I have in my program, I am getting an "object reference not set to an instance" error. It only returns two tables, not the entire four tables.

Thanks in advance!!!

Do you have more than one application in your project? Maybe there's some configuration that's not getting loaded, in that case?

actually I already solved this problem. I think it has something to do with the broken connection. Can someone here explain why this happens only in Release Mode? Memory allocation issues?