hi this is srikanth from india.
it would be highly appreciated if a separate forum is put up exclusively for C language.it would be very much useful to beginners.
clubbing c and c++ in one forum is a little uncomfortable for the user to browse c related threads.

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I agree. Its hard to remember whether the OP of threads is using C or C++ and this change would help to lessen that confusion.

You have my vote. It's hard to recommend a generic solution to a problem when you don't know if the user is using C or C++.

We have discussed this issue before, and it was determined that the impact is not sufficient to warrant the work of splitting the two languages into separate forums and making the main forum list longer. It's also more likely that Dani would choose to make C++ the main forum with C as a subforum, using C++ as a general (C derivatives) forum, which would make navigation even more confusing.

I fought hard to avoid the subforum solution for C and C++, and because there was no good solution that would bring both C and C++ to the main Software Development category list, the split was not made.

However, I'm willing to consider alternatives if anyone wants to PM me with a suggestion that would be less awkward than the current situation when taking into account the big picture of Daniweb. Keep in mind that to do this right would entail separating all of the current C based threads and moving them to the new forum, which is a LOT of work. I agree that it's a good idea, if we can do it in a reasonable way.

[thread=23139]It's been discussed[/thread].

I still don't think we've hit the critical mass here, so I still think it's an extra burden for regulars and mods for now (to point out the differences, or inguire about which language is being used).

For example, if there's 20 questions in the C and C++ forum per day and many of them fall into something of a "neither" C nor C++ (MFC, compiler installation, graphics, etc.) category, then you've got maybe 10 questions to divide into 7-8 and 2-3. That poor 2-3 would seem a rather dead forum and possibly dry up.

Hi Narue,

I was just wondering wether you guys ever thought about adding several Post Icons stating wether the questions is related towards C, C++ or additional on compilers, etc...

Probably you'll think that this will be forgotten more then it'll be used, then maybe the forum can be altered so that before you actually can create a new thread, you have to choose between one of these choises?

Don't know of course if this would be alot of work to change this?

mr.narue i think jobe has come up with a good plan.when the op of the thread is creating a new thread in this category.filter the entries by making it compulsary for him to specify whether the thread is going to be related to c or c++.and you can sort the threads depending upon the language related.
i dont know if this takes a lot of work.

Only issue is if the C or C++ icons would have to be implemented board-wide, which would only cause problems for other forums...

An idea I have been contemplating for some time is using post icons such as:

[ INFO ] [ QUESTION ] [ RANT ] etc ... :)

It might be helpful to those who are surfing the forums to see at a glance which threads are informative / discussion-oriented and which are Q&As.

>filter the entries by making it compulsary for him to specify
If it's required that a thread be tagged in such a way then I think it's a fantastic idea. Otherwise, it'll be like the infamous FAQ, where by its very definition, nobody uses it.

Narue, which one is the fantastic idea? The C / C++ post icons or my idea for post icons? ;)

The ideas are orthogonal!

>Narue, which one is the fantastic idea?
The one I quoted, of course. :rolleyes: To be more specific, I like a mandatory flag of whether the thread is C or C++ oriented. I read all of the threads anyway, so the info, rant, question idea really doesn't matter to me, while a language flag could be useful in giving an appropriate answer.

alright... dani i think its a good :)

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