Hi there,
I have used the below code to format an int value to a mask text box in C#.
How can I avoid replacing the zeros in between the the numbers other than the zero’s in the front of the number.
How can I do this, as an example
00000234 will be displayed as 234
How can I display 00230234 as 230234, for the moment it displays as 23 234.
How can I avoid this situation


String amt = reader[11].ToString();

                if ((amt == "0.00") || (String.IsNullOrEmpty(amt)))
                    mtxtAmt.Text = "";
                    decimal d;
                    decimal.TryParse(amt, out d);
                    String Val1 = d.ToString("$00000000000000.00");
                    int index1 = Val1.IndexOf(".");
                    String val1 = Val1.Substring(0, index1);
                    String FValue1 = val1.Replace("0", " ");
                    String LValue1 = Val1.Substring(index1, (Val1.Length - index1));
                    mtxtAmt.Text = FValue1 + LValue1;

What a very clumsy way to do padding.
There are methods to add padding to a string.
Take a look at this.

string amt = "    123.56   ";

            string value = string.Empty;
            decimal dec;
            if (decimal.TryParse(amt.Trim(), out dec))
                value = (dec * 100).ToString("F0");
                value = value.PadLeft(16); //<-- not sure of field width
            mtxtAmt.Text = value;

Seriously? This again?
Have you tried any of the suggestions from this post, or this one...maybe this one?

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