guys i cant hit on the rite path...i love programming and i recently decided to go with java..but some people say that go with vb.net its better than java because its more demanding while i think that what ever you do,do it way that no way is better in that than you and ithink that java is the one for me.what you people think about my opinion.

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Pick one, it doesn't matter which, and be good at it. Once you've managed that, pick up the other, it won't be hard if you've really understood the first.
Write lots of code, and you'll find that learning new languages is not terribly difficult. Using them might be - if your brain isn't really good at the layers of indirection required to manipulate pointers artfully, C will be difficult for you. I still have trouble with the various flavors of Lisp, but it's not so much with the language structures, it's in how to put them to their best use.

Point is, it doesn't matter - learn languages, and use them to solve problems. Those two activities will ensure that you keep finding new languages and new problems to solve. If you don't enjoy those activities, programming might not be your best career choice.


Both languages are good.
My companies need Java . So learning java will not be an obstacle in your carrier.

As jon.kiparsky told you. It is not the the language which you select but how much you know about the language.

All the best.
My opinion : Java is more easier to learn

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