So this is my first attempt with making a program and what i'm trying to do is make a program that retrevies profile information off i.e avatar picture, name, location, etc...

basically it would start with* and the * would be the variable

now how would i put the information gathered in the form into seperate areas

i'm not sure if this is making any sense but i would appreciate any help

It does make sense, but your question is way too general. Based on you're post we have no idea how far you are... have you actually downloaded the information from the website already? Have you parsed it to get the individual items that you are interested in? etc. etc.

So please be more specific as to where the problem you're having is, and tell us what you have done so far.

To do stuff like this you need to right tool for the job. C++ is not the correct tool
for this job. I suggest something like php.

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Here is the preview of what I have so far

The code sniplet below is what I have to retrieve the images it is working so far the only thing I dont know where to go is with retrieving individual information like the bio and location

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        PictureBox2.ImageLocation = "" + TextBox1.Text + "/avatar-body.png"
        PictureBox3.ImageLocation = "" + TextBox1.Text + "/avatarpic-l.png"
    End Sub
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