I had to wipe a computer and reinstall the operating system and eclipse. i had backed up two of my projects in my working folder for eclipse. i copied those project folder into my new working eclipse folder, but i can't seem to open them. Open project is grayed out. I don't know what file to open to open the whole project like in visual studio I think it was the dsw file for c++. Also these are android java projects. I thought I'd ask here as its a more active forum and the question is not necessarily specific to android but working with eclipse, a common java tool.


Its a workspace that you have to open, not a project. Projects exist within a workspace, and can only be opened after you have the appropriate workspace. See "switch workspace" in the File menu.

I'm a little new to eclipse myself, Can you 'open file...' from the File tab in eclipse? I'm not sure how intricate your project is but maybe you could add the java files back into a newly created project folder and you can work from that point.

i'm going to try switch workspace as mentioned. thanks abbyo, i could just recreate the project copying code in, and actually i was going to do that, but ultimately that is not very efficient and not going to help me work on multiple computers, so that's why i decided to ask about this.

I had a workspace apparently and that wasn't the issue. Apparently i had to import the project into the workspace. file/ import then chose the right options.


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