Hello all I have gride view named gv and bind it through gv.datasource and i am working on windows application with C#
after binding it works ok and show all values but i want one extra clumn with some image like magnifying glass along with each row so while i click on that magnifying glass the data of selected row will go to new page and allow me to edit please help as soon as posible

Add an unbound image column to the datagridview, set the required image, then in either the datagridview's CellClick (if you want the user to click anywhere in cell) or CellContentClick (if you want the user to click the image itself) events check for the Column Index of the cell clicked and display your new page if it is the image column

Use grid inbuild event of grid to response.redirect 2 the new page, i m new for destop application , so cant be sure about to open the new form in windows application. but i think it will wrk .

The OP wanted a clickable image in a datagrid in a windows application. Aside from not poiting them to a relevant event, you have suggested they try using response.redirect which is an ASP.Net coding concept. There is no response object in a windows form.

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