I'm trying to set up a Home Server with one of my old computers. The problem is, that if I try to look up the IP address of that computer with one of the IP address website (like whatismyip.com); I get the same IP Address from my current desktop.

My question is that: is there a way to actually find the correct IP of the Home Server PC I have set up?

Thank you in advance, all help is appreciated,

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The reason for this, is of Network Address translation or NAT. That will show what ever public IP address you have. Everything on your internal network uses a private IP address to talk to one another. And when they need something from the internet, your router translates that to the public IP you see on whatismyip.com.

To find out of the IP of a local machine.

Click start, run, type cmd. (Or if using vista or 7, type cmd in the search). Run cmd or click on it.

type ipconfig

you will see some information, and the Local area connection is the primary wired connection with the IP address you have.

I figured out that all I needed to do was forward the ports that I needed to access outside my local network.


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