I'm very new to C# and using Microsoft Visual Studio. I've been working with a new company for a few weeks and the development of their main website was outsourced. The backend of the website was developed in C# and I have already run into something I am stuck on. One section of the website allows Members to login and update their information. This is working great and communicating well with the db, but now they want an email notification sent every time someone submits new information or makes an update.

I am accustomed to VB with all the code right there in your face (my old employer was behind the times, and I learned from him...so I'm behind too), so it was pretty easy for me to find what script was being called up when a button was clicked. It seems all of this information was well hidden in a .dll assembly. I have tried .NET Reflector to decompile that information, but it seems like they have hidden things pretty well as I could only view some of that code.

As I said, I'm new to C# and am still just trying to figure out how everything works. I learned the old fashion way of designing and then breaking down and building with tables...then some work on the backend admin with VB. So I don't know all the technical lingo and am probably missing a pretty easy fix. I don't want to post code up of what we have since I'm still new and don't know if that's ok or not. I'm just looking to see if anyone can steer me in the right direction because I'm at a bit of a dead end right now.

I know I'll be visiting this forum a lot....:confused:

Thanks for any help.

Oh thats really not good, believe me I went thru that once, specially when they dont document anything or comment out. I guess you have to make sure that you can rebuild that project because some companies does not give you the whole source to modify internally, but if you need to get that done quick, take a look sending email thru the db server. I use this stored procedure "xp_smtp_sendmail" is a third party tool that you have to register to sql server. and then you can create a trigger and send the email at the database level.

But that is just a workaround definitely you need to make sure you can update the source recompile the project then we can help you.