I am trying to connect objective c application to Java.. I am relatively new to both.. Basically I would like Java application front-end which can call the objective - c app. I was thinking about first creating the obj c library in xcode and than wrap it in java somehow to get it called by my Java front end. somehow using JNI.. I am fuzzy on the specifics of the mechanisms... I was to get some advice from some of the experts out there... Any pointers to articles or books or code example are greatly appreciated..

what is the specific setup of your application?

I've worked on development where the front end was C++ and the back-end was Java. We used RPC calls between the two systems to communicate which amounts to defining an HTTPServlet and using the post methods to pass back and forth serialized packets of information.

If one of the pieces if already compiled into DLL's you will probably want to go the JNI route then.