Okay so my problem is that the server (accessed through filezilla) wont allow .exe extensions to be uploaded as a result i have added a .new to the end and that allows it to be uploaded. Thus when i download it i simply remove the .file from the end.

That's sorted but my auto updater needs to download folders as well. This is a problem as i cannot add a .file to a folder as it does not govern the filetype. I though of using .zip files but i cannot find an program in windows that can extract it (e.g. through CMD, or if you right click a .zip file in Win7/Vista you get the option to "extract all" i cannot find the root of this application). Also if i try to use a external file extractor i cannot be sure that the remote PC has the same program (e.g. 7zip, winrar, etc..)

Does anyone know how to help?
Anyone had to do this themselves??
Ty :)


3 different ways you have...
1. You could use a third party assembly from http://www.enterprisedt.com/ to get this done
2. Use commandline
3. use the WebRequestMethods.Ftp example here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms229716.aspx

to option 2...
create a ftp.ftp file via code.

cd /Path/on/server/
prompt n
mget *.*

run CMD
command: FTP -v -s:ftp.ftp
remove ftp.ftp file

commented: FtpWebRequest is my option!!! +10
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