Im using 2010 express (im new)

im learning to develop apps that uses db.

what is the best DMBS to use with 2010?

can you gave an example SIMPLE code on how to connect to the database?

thank you - i hope is not too much to ask?

Best DB?

That is a debate in it's self.

The Simple answer is it depends, what do you want to do?

Just learn? maybe Access or MS SQL Express.

To Deploy? again depends what sort of scale?

You have to provide more information on what you want to do.


i want to learn but i will love to learn something that later on
i can use to develop programs like Point of Sales or Inventory Software, etc.

i just want to be directed on the right direction. im an IT guy and
want learn to develop my own apps to sell.

im using 2010 xpress to start...should i go straight to visual studio?

thanks you for your help

I would suggest you start small, gain experience and then goto the bigger stuff.

Fro starting I think you should play with MS Sql Express. There are a lot of tutorials and samples online for this setup.

As for Visual Studio, don't you want to plant your feet in the ground before you go around spending money?

Thank you!
I was in between Access or SQL Express but I will follow your advice and use SQL Express. I will experiment for a while with VB.Net Express before go to Visual Studio.

:) Any other suggestions or advice will be apreciated.