I have embedded a font SUCCESSFULLY into my program. It works on my computer and on the majority of other computers (all of different versions of Windows OS)


For some reason, on some computers, the unicode characters (which normally show up just fine) show up as blanks... Instead of the unicode character they appear as [] on one variation of code and " "[blank-nothing imagine a space= on another variation of code...

Please help me on my problem

p.s. the ASCII characters show up fine
p.p.s I know for sure the font allows unicode characters

Are you using i18n files to show the text or hard coded into the UI?

I have no idea what you are talking about....

I coded it into my UI (embedded it)....

With I18N I mean internationalization files. I had this kind of problem before when using them but not in the code itself.

Sorry can't help you with this one.

How do I check if I am using i18N files ? If I am how do I fix the bug ?