Hi Friends
I have two server
1. server 1
2. server 2
I want to execute a shell script in server 2 from server 1.
shell script will returns few data i need to check in server 1
Please help me in this

What Operating Systems on both?

Ok several options. Just execute a script look into rsh and rlogin which allow you to open a shell on another UNIX/Linux/Solaris/irix/hpux system.

If you have httpd (and php for php scripts) running on the remote server you could set up a web page with the cgi script (or php if installed) and show the results on in a browser.

If you need the script run regularly and the output available to review then on the remote server set up a script with cron (crontab) to generate your output and then pull it to your local server to evaluate with ftp or wget.

HI I am new to shell scripting can u explain with example

Example of rsh use, the following executes the command mkdir testdir as user remoteuser on the computer host.example.com:

rsh -l remoteuser host.example.com "mkdir testdir"

shall i use the same to execute a script in the remote server

rsh executes the any command or script on the remote server provided the user you are connecting with has permission to execute the script in question. And the answer to your question is Yes.

I got the following error
"No route to host"

It would help to know what your command line was when you got the error...

Can you ing the host at the address you are using?