I have created a dialog to select a file with wxpython and FileBrowseButton with this code.

fbb = wxfbb.FileBrowseButton(panel,labelText="Select an image file:", fileMask=mask, fileMode=wx.OPEN, size=(800,30))
markFile = fbb.GetValue()

I need to use the selected file for further actions. How can I do it? I have tried

return markFile

but I get this error

TypeError: __init__() should return None, not 'unicode'

Can anyone help?


Here is an example that Henri left somewhere ...

# exploring wxPython's
# wx.lib.filebrowsebutton.FileBrowseButton()

import wx
import wx.lib.filebrowsebutton

class MyFrame(wx.Frame):
    def __init__(self, parent, mytitle):
        wx.Frame.__init__(self, parent, -1, mytitle, size=(500,100))
        panel = wx.Panel(self)

        self.fbb = wx.lib.filebrowsebutton.FileBrowseButton(panel,
            labelText="Select a WAVE file:", fileMask="*.wav")
        play_button = wx.Button(panel, -1, ">>  Play")
        self.Bind(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.onPlay, play_button)

        # setup the layout with sizers
        hsizer = wx.BoxSizer(wx.HORIZONTAL)
        hsizer.Add(self.fbb, 1, wx.ALIGN_CENTER_VERTICAL)
        hsizer.Add(play_button, 0, wx.ALIGN_CENTER_VERTICAL)
        # create a border space
        border = wx.BoxSizer(wx.VERTICAL)
        border.Add(hsizer, 0, wx.EXPAND|wx.ALL, 15)

    def onPlay(self, evt):
        filename = self.fbb.GetValue()
        self.sound = wx.Sound(filename)
        # error handling ...
        if self.sound.IsOk():
            wx.MessageBox("Missing or invalid sound file", "Error")

app = wx.App(0)
# create a MyFrame instance and show the frame
caption = "wx.lib.filebrowsebutton.FileBrowseButton()"
MyFrame(None, caption).Show()

I have played a little bit with the example by Henri, and I think that I got it. However, I have a problem.
This is my button that opens a dialog to browse for a directory

self.picsFolder = wx.lib.filebrowsebutton.DirBrowseButton(panel,labelText="Select your pictures directory:", size=(800,30))

Then, this is a piece of a defined function, which gets the path to the directory stored in self.picsFolder and tried to set the current directory to this path

def WaterMark(self, event):
	px = self.px.GetValue()
	markFile = self.markFile.GetValue()
	picsFolder = self.picsFolder.GetValue()

The problem is that when I run it, the screen turns grey and, after a long time, the process gets killed. Do you know where the problem is? I have attached a file with the whole code in case you need to check it.


# WipGUI.py

import wx, os, shutil, fnmatch, Image, ImageEnhance, sys, textwrap, re
import wx.lib.filebrowsebutton

ID_GO = 3

class Wip(wx.Frame):
	def __init__(self, parent, id, title):
		wx.Frame.__init__(self, parent, id, title, size=(1000,225))
#Define menus
		menubar = wx.MenuBar()
	#Define file menu
		file = wx.Menu()
		quit = wx.MenuItem(file, 1, '&Quit\tCtrl+Q')
		self.Bind(wx.EVT_MENU, self.OnQuit, id=1)
	#Define help menu
		helpMenu = wx.Menu()
		helpMenu.Append(ID_HELP, '&Help')
		helpMenu.Append(ID_ABOUT, '&About')
		self.Bind(wx.EVT_MENU, self.OnAboutBox, id=ID_ABOUT)
#Append menus
		menubar.Append(file, '&File')
		menubar.Append(helpMenu, '&Help')
#Define main panel
		panel = wx.Panel(self, -1)
		vbox = wx.BoxSizer(wx.VERTICAL)
	#Define buttons
		#Define button to select the pictures folder
		hbox1 = wx.BoxSizer(wx.HORIZONTAL)
		self.picsFolder = wx.lib.filebrowsebutton.DirBrowseButton(panel,labelText="Select your pictures directory:", size=(800,30))
		hbox1.Add(self.picsFolder, 0, wx.ALL , 5)

		#Define the button to select the watermark file
		hbox2 = wx.BoxSizer(wx.HORIZONTAL)
		mask ='*.png'
		self.markFile = wx.lib.filebrowsebutton.FileBrowseButton(panel,labelText="Select an image file:", fileMask=mask, fileMode=wx.OPEN, size=(800,30))
		hbox2.Add(self.markFile, 0, wx.ALL , 5)
		#Define a text box to select desired size
		hbox3 = wx.BoxSizer(wx.HORIZONTAL)
		self.pxText = wx.StaticText(panel, -1,'Desired size of the longest picture side in pixels: ', pos=(300, 170), size=(321,30))
		self.px = wx.TextCtrl(panel, -1, value='1024', pos=wx.Point(10, 90), size=wx.Size(45, 30))
		hbox3.Add(self.pxText, 0, wx.ALL , 5)
		hbox3.Add(self.px, 0, wx.ALL , 0)
		#Define the button to start processing
		hbox4 = wx.BoxSizer(wx.HORIZONTAL)
		go = wx.Button(panel, -1, 'Go', size=(100, 30))
		hbox4.Add(go, 0, wx.ALL , 5)
		self.Bind(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.WaterMark, go)

		#Merge sizers
		vbox.Add(hbox1, 0, wx.ALIGN_LEFT | wx.ALL, 5)
		vbox.Add(hbox2, 0, wx.ALIGN_LEFT | wx.ALL, 5)
		vbox.Add(hbox3, 0, wx.ALIGN_LEFT | wx.ALL, 5)
		vbox.Add(hbox4, 0, wx.ALIGN_RIGHT | wx.ALL, 5)


	def OnQuit(self, event):

	def OnAboutBox(self, event):
		info = wx.AboutDialogInfo()
		info.SetIcon(wx.Icon('icons/exit.png', wx.BITMAP_TYPE_PNG))
		info.SetName('Watermark Image Processing')
		description = open('docs/info.txt').read()
		info.SetCopyright('(C) 2010 Acrocephalus Soft')
		license = open('docs/licence.txt').read()
		info.AddDeveloper('Daniel Valverde')
		info.AddDocWriter('Daniel Valverde')
		info.AddArtist('Daniel Valverde')
		info.AddTranslator('Daniel Valverde')

	def WaterMark(self, event):
		px = self.px.GetValue()
		markFile = self.markFile.GetValue()
		picsFolder = self.picsFolder.GetValue()
		#Create a Backup directory
		if not os.path.exists('Backup'):
		#Create a Resized directory
		if not os.path.exists('Resized'):
		#Create a marked directory
		if not os.path.exists('Watermarked'):
		#Image processing    
		for file in fnmatch.filter(os.listdir(picsFolder),'*.jpg'):
			print 'Resizing image ' + file
		# Open the image
			img = Image.open(file)
		#Get actual image size and convert it to float
			width, height = img.size
			width = float(width)
			height = float(height)
		#Resize landscape images
			if width > height:
				resizeFactor = width/int(px*2)
				img = img.resize((int(width/resizeFactor),int(height/resizeFactor)))
				width, height = img.size
				img = img.resize((int(width/2),int(height/2)), Image.ANTIALIAS)
		#Resize portrait images
			elif width<height:
				resizeFactor = height/int(px*2)
				img = img.resize((int(width/resizeFactor),int(height/resizeFactor)))
				width, height = img.size
				img = img.resize((int(width/2),int(height/2)), Image.ANTIALIAS)
		#Resize square images
				img = img.resize((int(px*2),int(px*2)))
				width, height = img.size
				img = img.resize((int(px),int(px)), Image.ANTIALIAS)
		#Save resized image
		#Copy pictures to a Resized directory
		for filename in fnmatch.filter(os.listdir(picsFolder),'*.jpg'):
			shutil.copy2(filename, 'Resized/%s' % filename)
		#Add mark
		#Getting the sizes of the base image and the mark
		imgmark = Image.open(markFile)
		markWidth, markHeight = imgmark.size
		for filename in fnmatch.filter(os.listdir(picsFolder),'*.jpg'):
		# Open the image
			img = Image.open(filename)
		#Get actual image size and convert it to float
			width, height = img.size
			baseim = Image.open(filename)
			logoim = Image.open(markFile) #transparent image
			baseim.save(filename, 'JPEG')
		#Recover EXIF data
			os.system('jhead -te Backup/*jpg *.jpg')
			print w.fill('You don\'t have JHEAD installed, so WIP cannot recover the EXIF data. You can download and install it from http://www.sentex.net/ ~mwandel/jhead/')
		for filename in fnmatch.filter(os.listdir(picsFolder),'*.jpg'):
			shutil.move(filename, 'Watermarked/%s' % filename)
app = wx.App()
Wip(None, -1, 'Watermark Image Processing 1.0b')

It sounds like either the screensaver or the wxPython time out (for certain types of widgets). I don't use timeout so am not familiar with it other than seeing it in the docs. Your program should allow the user a certain amount of time to choose a file, and if they haven't made a decision in say 2 or 3 minutes, exit. And you should print picsFolder for your own information to see if it contains the complete path or just the file name. Also, it is better IMHO to use the complete path instead of os.chdir() as it can get confusing as to which directory you are actually in. Finally, it is bad form to use the same name for a variable and a class, i.e.
picsFolder = self.picsFolder.GetValue()

picsFolder = ClassInstance()  ## variable is a class instance
picsFolder = self.picsFolder.GetValue()  ## picsFolder is now a variable (the class instance is gone) 
## In Python CamelCase is used for class instances and 
## lower_case is used for variables and we don't get mixed up
## The style guide is here, http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008
## if you are interested

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I'm running Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 64 bits. If I remove the "os.chdir(picsFolder)" it does not turn grey.


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