Hello everyone.

I know how to create a .exe file, but I do not know how to "install" my .exe on another persons' computer. I realize that I could just make all images, sounds, etc, into resources, and simply have someone execute my .exe file, but I want to "install" my .exe (and all resources of the .exe) into a dest folder.

Does anyone know what I would google search to find out how to create a windows installer?

Also, I am aware that there are commercial windows installers, however, I am attempting to create my own installer (if that's possible). If it is not possible to create my own "custom" installer, could someone please point me to one that is "free?"

Thank you for your help.

Please note: I am trying to find a "win32" custom installer tutorial (if there is such a thing).

you can use software like :

the best is :

these software are commercial

You can also use .NET package. write your c++ code and try to build the installer. I believe it uses the installShield as well.