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you can generate the diassembly and see that there's not a call instruction when
you are using inline functions.I think that's the simplest way to do that.

Or break inside a inline function and inspect the stack.You can find the difference
when comparing the inline stack frames and non-inline stack-frames.

The next method is the optimization difference in the inline code.If you try little
bit harder like taking or counting the instructions you can see the difference.

The next method is there are differences between the highly inline used object file
and a non inline used object file.

There can be more ways let's listen to others too.


How can i demonstrate that inline functions have internal linkage ?

<quote> Nevertheless, in C++, inline functions are treated by default as having external linkage, meaning that the program behaves as if there is only one copy of the function ( look below for source) </quote>

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