Hello, I am starting to learn java and I was wondering if anyone know of any resources/websites that have projects I could attempt to improve my skills and expand my java knowledge?


What skills do you want to work on? What sorts of things have you done so far?

There are a lot of possibilities. Conway Life is a pretty good place to play: easy to get into and pretty open-ended. You can add a lot of features, you can tart up the GUI, there's all sorts of fun you can have. (And it's just so cool the first time you get it running, and you see life happening on your screen.) You'll probably learn some things about data structures, concurrency - there's a lot to learn there.

What skills do you want to work on? What sorts of things have you done so far?

I am learning Java for my Computing Science 2nd year so I would like to just have a broad understanding of the langauge. I have just covered the very basics so far before the course starts in September.

I/O, expressions/assignments, classes/constuctors/methods, arrays, loops etc.

Hm. I'm not great at assigning projects, so forgive me if this is not at the right level for you, but one thing that you might think about doing would be to explore the Mandelbrot set. It's not a hard piece of math, and it can be really fascinating. It would give you some exposure to Swing programming, as well. With any luck, you'll make some good mistakes, which will prepare you for learning OO design.

I'll let my mind wander and see if I come up with any other ideas. Are you more into puzzle-solving problems? There are other math games like prisoner's dilemma and morra that would let you play with game theory. There are some interesting opportunities for OO-programming there, as well. It's one thing to implement the logic for morra or prisoner's dilemma. It's another thing to design an object-oriented program that will let you make plug-in "strategy" objects and play them against each other in tournaments, so you can determine which strategies win against which strategies.

Another more math-y one (which I haven't done yet, so I don't know how hard it is) is one I got from the Daily WTF's occasional coding challenge page. The game is this: six cards are laid out, face up. The players attempt to use the first five, in the order they're presented, to construct a mathematical expression evaluating to the sixth.
That is: 1 2 3 4 5 5 could be played as 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 - 5 = 5

Assume aces are low and faces are stripped from the deck, so you have digits only. If you just want to play with the math, and you don't want to mess around with a GUI, these might be more your speed.

Those are just some ideas, I'm sure others can be found if these don't suit you.

Jon.kiparsky gave you good suggestion.
You should work with all swing components so that you can make your OOPS concepts stronger.
Extract your src file in /Program File/Java/jdk ...
And go through those files.
Try to use Google search for good tutorial sites.
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