I want to capture the output into java varible of one of the command line statement. The command line statement is as below:

..\_jvm\bin\java.exe -cp ..\DataLoader.jar com.salesforce.lexiloader.security.EncryptionUtil <option> <password>

Infact this is the command line utility thru which I encrypte my password, if i do manually.

But I want to use this command into my java application and want to capture the output in one variable.
Please help with some example code.



I do not understand your question. Anyway, I am nocited that
to capture the output in DOS window one may use pipe:
java ABC > data.dat
so that the output by intepreting ABC will be captured/stored in the file data.dat

Instead of using Runtime class, just include the given JAR in your application and use the relevant method of the relevant class.

package your.pkg;

import com.salesforce.lexiloader.security.EncryptionUtil;

class YourClass {
  public static void main(final String[] args) {
    byte[] encrypted = EncryptionUtil.encrypt(bytes);

This of course assumes that there is a utility method in EncryptionUtil which takes in a sequence of bytes and encrypts them.

Hi S.O.S,

Thanks a lot. It helped me to solve my problem. Thanks a lot once again.

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