Please help me.......
I want to buy a book for C++...
i want your suggestion for this..... i am confused...

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I add "Problem Solving with C++" by Walter Savitch to the books that "vijayan121" mentioned. It is the first book on C++ that I used (when I didnt know ANYTHING about the language).

Stroustrup's book is better if you have enough time to read it from the beginning to the end. So if you dont have enough time, I recommend Savitch's book.

At the beginning of Savitch's book there is a "Dependency chart" that tells you which chapters and sections are related together and which ones you can skip without problem (and of course, read them later). But Stroustrup's book is (almost) in one piece, you can't skip chapters safely (author's advice).

you can read reviews for those books on amazon.com, may be they can help you choose one of these books, or find a better one!

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