Hi every one,

I am currently working on a server program which executes a series of system commands on receiving a messgae from the client(in C). what the server essentially does is he cd's into a particular directory and executes a shell script that calls make utility and does some other functions. I want to intimate the client whether the make utility was successful in building the source code. Currently i am using the system function in C to execute the shell script. I know that make return a value of zero if the build was successful. My problem is that i dont know how to return this value to the C program through the system function call.. Could someone help me out in this regard. Any better approach to this problem can be taken??

Thanking you in anticipation..

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forgot to add one more thing..

i am executing two commands using the system function..

system(cd [folder_in_which_make_is_present];./make.sh]);

what i want is the return value of the make call in the shell script..

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