i wanna ask..what is the equivalent syntax for contructors in c++?

Well i assume u want the basic layout. The Fact is a simple google search will show you that so easily why you would need a forum discussion is beyond me its just lazyness.

But im a nice guy so here it is

class x

ah, i know it.constructors and destructors..my problem before was to convert java codes into a C++ code..but i had done it..tnx anyway..
my purpose of posting this thread is just to have an idea for my very fisrt step and definitely, after posting this thread i am already working.
but still tnx for the VERY NICE concern from a nice guy

like java, you can have any number of constructors overloaded :)

Please use real words. 'plssss' and 'tnx' are not words! It helps to keep the community looking professional.

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