Hi there, I'm a Java newbie, but have experience in JavaScript programming for over half a year.

I would like to ask if there and any web site where people share their Java source code so that I can read and learn how they program. Blogs where they share tutorials and stuffs would also be good.
Also can you recommend me what projects I could test my skills on. I'm looking forward to the networking (websites) area. I created a minesweeper, not much problem.
I hope to learn good programming practices, efficiency, design patterns, optimization, tips and tricks etc...
I am open to advices for transitioning my JavaScript skills into Java.

By the way, how long did it take you to learn Java, to the point where you can complete most projects you have in mind.

Thanks for your responses.

The best way to learn is by writing. Any good intro comp sci book - doesn't have to be a Java-focussed one! - will have a slew of good problems to play with. Work through a bunch of those, and you'll be well underway.

Thanks for your responses, but do you guys have any recommended websites to find Java source codes?

There's about a billion open source projects out there in various stages of completion. Maybe a million or so of them are in Java. (numbers are approximate) You could try poking around on SourceForge or Google Code. (As you might expect, finding stuff on Google Code is not terribly difficult)