hello everybody. i am attempting to use a script which returns the error:
bash: ./script.sh: /bin/bsh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
upon "chmod"ing and executing. the code is:


grep 'Time :   '    rob_onholiday298.gout | awk '{print $4}'  > temp1

grep 'Total energy ' rob_onholiday298.gout | awk '{print $5}'  > temp2

grep 'Temperature '     rob_onholiday298.gout | awk '{print $5}'  > temp3

paste temp1 temp2          >> Energy-time3.txt

paste temp1 temp3           >> Temperature-time3.txt

rm temp1 temp2 temp3

the error message seems tro suggest that the shebang is wrong, but i have tried several iterations (usr/bin/bsh etc.) and its not happy. incidentally, inputting the lines one by one does what i expect
hopefully you can help

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From the command line chant which bsh and see what happens. My guess: It will print nothing (which means it can't find bsh on your $PATH). Could you be having a bad editorial day and missing the 'a' in bash? (a few minutes later): OK, I see that on some systems the sh interpreter is spelled bsh so that might be the problem: Try changing your shbang to the result of chanting which sh or which bash Either should work for this simple script.

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