go0d day every0ne..

..Can you please help me create a 'Picture Puzzle' using GUI..
its just like playing a picture puzzle like we d0,
it just like this..
it has a pieces of scrambled pictures that you will arrange it.. it has a 0ne empty block to be able for you to move the puzzle..

..God Bless you.

Well, what do you have so far and what, exactly, are you having problems with.

..hard f0r me to do that..
/n0obz me.

/can u please give me some idea?..

That is the same question you asked in one of your previous threads:

You got answers to that thread. If you didn't like the answers don't start a new thread.

In that thread we asked what a "picture puzzle" was and got no answers. Instead you created a new thread with the answer of our question. It is like you ignored our attempts to help you.

As for an idea.
Use JLabels or JButtons that display different images and have one button with a blank image. Once a button is clicked, check if it has an empty space next to it (the button with no image). If yes, swap the buttons images.

Check the JButton class API to see how to add images to a button.
Also read some tutorials about swing, on how to write ActionListeners.

sorry about the previous one//

//hope you don't mind me asking.. if where can i read some tutorial in that case?..