Hello, I got this question for my weekly c++ exercise:
Imagine you want to solve the following problem. Given a date (of the form dd/mm/yyyy and day of the
week) and a non-negative integer n, you want to determine which date it is after n days.
For instance,
Given Thursday 12/08/2010 and 1, the answer is Friday 13/08/2010.
Given Thursday 12/08/2010 and 1000, the answer is Wednesday 08/05/2013.
Use a structured design approach to solve this problem efficiently (i.e. using significantly less than n function
calls in total).
Identify sub-problems and outline an algorithm to solve each one them. Note that you are not asked to
write a C++ program at this stage, however your algorithms should be precise enough to allow an easy
implementation from them.
plz someone help...thanks...:)

Please post a significant attempt and we can try to help if you get stuck.