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What flavor of assembly? Not all assembly languages are equal.

For 80x88 assembly, look at the functions in int 21h.

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Well, as I already said look at the functions for int 21h. One of them checks to see if anything is available in the keyboard buffer and another will get it. So first you have to declare a buffer to store the string then call those two functions to fill it up wih the keystrokes.


what about do you opinion?, if i use the vectors, for store the string by char, and finally, print in the screen,

but, beside this one, how i can compare this vector with the same verctrs but upside down for determinate if is palindromo


Are you now talking about a c++ program instead of assembly?

>>Can you give me one exameple in code

You should be able to find examples on the net. I have not done assembly in quite a few years.

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>>> s for 8086 AND THE TURBO ASSEMBLER, tasm

Here could you find some tasm-like code what I posted related to similar problem, especially the inbuffer definition, the int 21h function 0AH and offset fit real mode tasm/masm well. Keep in mind, that code not tested.

-- tesu

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