Hello everybody,
I just signed up, 'cause I looked through the internet over days to find a solution for the BASIC function GetKey(). It simply returns the Scancode of a key pressed by the user or 0 by default (if no key was pressed).

I found the well known BIOS Interrupt Int 16h but both functions AX=1 and AX=0 stop the execution of my programm and wait 'til a key is pressed.

So I regarded some codes with I/O exchanges, and I sat down for a few hours to read the scancode from port 60 and translate it into an ASCII-character. Well, this works fine by now, except that
1) everytime I press a key I hear a *beap* from the motherboard (I guess)
2) after a while typing in a text the programm becomes really, really slow - I guess that there's an overflow in writing to/reading from the ports (the same sort of lack of speed as I experienced when I first wrote a network-game in UDP)

How may solve that problem?
Thanks a lot for your replies!

I found the solution for myself. I put the function ID in AL and not AH as BIOS expect me to do. Working now the way as I want to =)

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