My offline data processing tool (written in C++) is being wrapped under webservices so that it can be executed remotely.

We did that already - meaning we have a webservice that can kick off the data processing.

However, for some reason, the very same webservice should not grab the data from the DLL it executed, but we are supposed to use another webservice for that purpose.

I haven`t worked with webservices before so the reason is not obvious to me (yet).

But how can another webservice get an access to an already running thread (DLL) and get some data from it ?

From what I understand, the other webservice has to do the following too : System.loadLibrary("Processing");

But in that case, it would just repeat what the first webservice did, which we are supposed to avoid.

So, from my limited understanding of concept of webservices, it must somehow be possible to connect to an already running thread on the CPU - which seems pretty unsafe to me.

How would I do that ?

Can you explain how java programming fits into this?

Well, because apparently there are some means of making sure that they can "connect" to a DLL as is the case with webservice calls.

So, maybe there is some additional webseervice call that can be exported which would allow another webservice the access to an already running instance of the DLL that has been executed by the first webservice.

But as I said, I`m just beginner with webservices so I have no idea how that can technically work.

NeverMind, I solved it.

It`s weird that with so many Java programmers around and webservices being so common feature, this thread generated zero replies.

I thought this web had at least a couple of beginner java programmers ? I guess I thought wrong ...

Can you explain how java could help you solve your problem?
Did you solve it using java?

No, it is actually a "webservice client" and that actually has to be written in C++ - which makes sense since otherwise it would have to do what I asked previously how is even possible.

But as I said, I`m not good with the terminology of webservices, so I hoped someone would have had clarified it here for me.

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