im new to database and still figuring out how to use them... this is very urgent.. i want to retrieve a particular user's data from MS Access to my tab page of textboxes/radio buttons/combo boxes.. i want to allocate specific data in specific textboxes/radio buttons/combo boxes without using data form wizard.. i did databiding of controls to my table columns, but it's not showing when i run my app..

what should i do?

i appreciate it if you could provide me with specific details due to my time constrain..

thank you!

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You will need to set up a dataset, and use a table adapter to populate that dataset with the particular data you want from your database.
If you have already made the database connection, you can drag tables from the data sources panel to your form and much of this will be done for you.
I can't help much in the way of particulars because I tend to use the wizards whenever possible. Also, I haven't been able to figure how to store the state of a radio button in a database (last time I tried was using VB6, though).

For expediency, you might try this site.


Here you will find an excellent series of tutorials. The one on databinding should help.

By the way, I'm a beginner too... just trying to help.

please someone help me....

i just want to display my form which i had created using data form wizard INTO a tab page... my tap page is already done and working well... when i copy the form controls from the form created by wizard over to my tap page, and then i run it, the tab page with those controls that i've pasted over doesnt load with information from my database...

i've been debugging for a long time but i've no clue...

can someone tell me what's wrong or missing?? i've a time constrain....

i really appreaciate it if you can help me...

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