I am a graduating student, taking up BS IT. Unfortunately, i don't have a talent in the field of programming. I have a problem regarding our final project this semester in Software Metrics. Our teacher requires us to have HALSTEAD METRICS PROGRAM  to be pass on SEPT. 13 2010. Any language will do (C++ or Java, etc..). I really need your help, I'm asking for a favor if you could help in this. :cry: I need a code that will measure the following:
N1 = number of distinct operators (in each line)
N2 = number of distinct operands (in each line)
n1 = total number of unique operators (in each line)
n2 = total number of unique operands (in each line)

Thanks a lot!

This is a piece of code that, were you to write it, would demonstrate a reasonable ability in programming. You would have to have your hand in all steps of the development in order to turn this in and not be a liar. Go back to your desk and work out how you would do this - you should not ask for anyone to write your design on this. It's your project, you have to do it.

If you have a specific question on a specific piece of the design - "I have these classes, but I don't know how the Frobnicator should pass the data to the Foobinizer - would it be better to pass individual parameters, or should I make a separate class to wrap the data in?" - then you should come back. But if you're going to ask someone to write your homework for you, you should at least have the decency to offer to pay for the time.

I am a graduating student, taking up BS IT. Unfortunately, i don't have a talent in the field of programming

I don't mean to be funny here, but maybe you should be looking at a different career path? Better to face the facts now than to launch into some field where you will fail and be unhappy.

Thanks! But I have to say something about me looking at a different career path? IT is not just about programming, it encompasses all. Networking, Multimedia and the like. I may not be good in programming but I maybe good in some of IT's aspects. 

But still, thanks for replying. toodles! ^^
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Firstly, code tags are meant for actual code. If you're writing a normal paragraph, there's no need to use code tags.

Secondly, I'd advise you to just try doing it. You might surprise yourself. However, if you don't even have a basic idea of how to go about this, you should probably talk to your professor.