I have a situation I need help with. I have c++ s/w from two vendors each of whom have given me a library and a header. Only problem is that one of them is compiled with vc++ and the other with g++.I cant use them both in the same s/w because they dont compile together(I've tried.There are several unresolvable issues).So I decided to run two separate executables and make them interact through sockets. I wanted to clarify if this was the only solution or are there better ones(leaving out shared memory,message queues etc.)

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2) Make one of them a DLL

And it must be C DLL as C++ DLL consists of name mangling which differ among compilers.
Or you can export class using C-functions


The problem orig is where VC++ and g++ uses two different formats of name decoration.
For more information refer here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_mangling

In the g++ faq this question is already answered.
refer to it.
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is it possible for me to use the dll and not the lib? How?

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