public static double average( double... numbers ) { 
    double total = 0.0; 
    [B][I][COLOR="Red"]for (double d : numbers)[/[/COLOR]I][/B] { 
        total += d; 
    return total / numbers.length; 

can any one explain the line bold
if posseble d program too...

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"Enhanced for loop" - new in Java 1.5, and very good.
Read it as "for each double d in numbers"
It copies each element of numbers in turn to a new double, and executes the loop once for each.
You can use this for arrays, lists, all kinds of collections, eg:

ArrayList<String> someStrings = // create and populate the arraylist of Strings
for (String s : someStrings) {
   // this is executed once for each String in someStrings.
   // the value of each String is in variable s

for (double d : numbers) {
total += d;

is equivalent to:

for (int i=0; i<numbers.length;i++){
double d = numbers[i];
total += d;

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