Hey guys!!
i m a student.....n tryin 2 make a game in C++.....game is goin on very well but i hav a question.
i m using borland c++ 3.0 compiler....i hav 2 necessarily use this bcoz v hav d same compiler at high skool.....i'll start using d latest within few weeks.....but i hav to finish dis game within 1/2 a month.....i hav created 2 buttons named as "PAUSE" AND "RESUME"....
nw i need dat ....when i click these buttons....they must do d functions at tym of execution.....i.e if i click pause......the game or rather the execution must be PAUSED.....n if i resume.....the game(i.e execution) must start from where i paused......is there any system function to pause and resume...at tym of execution....if so plzzz let me kno....:-/....

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First off, please don't talk like that. Not to be rude, but I barely understood the question, nor did you provide any information that could be used to help you, such as whether or not this a console app, or a windows app, or what have you. Also, if this is a school (not skool) project, you'll need to show some more effort before you're going to get help.