Dear all,

I am expert software developer, but i need to start having knowledge about embedded systems using C#.

My Goal is to automate my house.

but first i must learn the basics.

Kindly if any one who have experience in this field, it would be great to tell me where to start.

From my vision, I think that the best way is to develop an application that can control LED from USB Port.

If any help it would be great.

Thank you


To use c# in an embedded system you will have to have load an operating system into the board - probably windows CE, Windows Mobile, etc. so it works with visual studio.

I guess to get started the first thing that you need to do is to get a development board with an OS already loaded. There are a lot of those out there to choose from.

Also, it would be helpful if you specify what kind of automation you are trying to implement at your house and some of the requirements - a simple application like an led blinking does not need a development board with an OS, a simple chip and a power supply will suffice hence there might be simpler solutions.