Hi all, I have read many IT degree related posts on this discussion board regarding CIS vs. CS degrees. In a week I must hand in my application for university which starts in October.

My main dilemma, similar to other users on this discussion board, is that I must choose between a CIS and CS degree. However, there is one main difference. The university I would be going to offers CIS and CSAI (Which is Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence - also known as Computer Science and Intelligent Computer Systems). Somehow I feel that the discussions on this board relating to CS don't really count since they do not mention AI.

My question is mainly what the difference between a CIS course and a CSAI course would be. Somehow I think that AI is not too important in a practical IT working environment/company. The bulk of the CSAI course over here is CS, however a lot of importance is also given to AI. I do not have much of an understanding in AI so am unsure of how practical it actually is.

Mainly, what are the differences between both courses, and what jobs to they lead to? Ultimately, which degree would be favoured by employers? The general attitude at the university is that the CIS students "take the easy way out" as CSAI is much more demanding. However, if I take CIS as a main area, I'll be taking CSAI as a subsidiary so will still be somewhat exposed to it in small doses. Alternatively, if I take CSAI as a main area, I will take CIS as a subsidiary.

Thanks! :)

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i would personaly like to know the difference between computer science and computer information systems


Computer Information System is the part of computer science.If you with Computer science then it will also cover.

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