The only error stated is at "N_showdata.N_enterData();" which says "error C2660: 'NomineeData::N_enterData' : function does not take 0 arguments"

using namespace std;

class MemberData
	int ID ;	
	char Name[60];	
	char Add[60];	
	char Tel[15];	
	void enterData();	
	void showData(void);
void MemberData::enterData()
	cout << "Please enter your Membership number: " << endl;	
	cin >>ID;	
    cout << "Please enter your Name: "<< endl;	
	cin >>Name;	
    cout << "Please enter your Address: " << endl;	
	cin >>Add;	
    cout << "Please enter your Handphone number: " << endl;	
	cin >>Tel;
void MemberData::showData(void)
	cout << "Member ID is: "<< ID << endl;
	cout << "Member Name is: "<< Name << endl;
	cout << "Member's Add is: "<< Add << endl;
	cout << "Member's Tel is: "<< Tel << endl;
class  NomineeData : public MemberData  //Derived from class MemberData allow the user enter
	                                   //the nominees' particular
	char N_ID[20];
	char N_Name[20];
	void N_enterData(char N_ID, char N_Name);
	void N_showData(void);
void NomineeData::N_enterData(char N_ID, char N_Name)
	cout << "Please enter Nominee's ID: " << endl;
	cin >> N_ID;
	cout << "Please enter Nominee's Name: " << endl;
	cin >> N_Name;
void NomineeData::N_showData(void)
	cout << "Nominee's ID is: "<< N_ID << endl;
	cout << "Nominee's Name is: "<< N_Name << endl;
class ShowNname : public NomineeData  //Derived from class MemberData
	string JamesTan, BennyKoh, StevenLim, DavidTay, MaryTan;
	void Showname();
void ShowNname::Showname(void)
	cout << "Nominee No.1 "<<"   JamesTan"<<endl;
	cout << "Nominee No.2 "<<"   BennyKoh"<<endl;
    cout << "Nominee No.3 "<<"   StevenLim"<<endl;
	cout << "Nominee No.4 "<<"   DavidTay"<<endl;
	cout << "Nominee No.5 "<<"   MaryTan"<<endl;
int main()
	MemberData show_data;
	NomineeData N_showdata;
	ShowNname show_name;


    int Vote_Amount[6]={0};//set amunt of votes
    int key=0;
	cout << "Please vote nominee by enter the noimee number" << endl;

			case '1':Vote_Amount[1]++;break;
            case '2':Vote_Amount[2]++;break;
            case '3':Vote_Amount[3]++;break;
            case '4':Vote_Amount[4]++;break;
            case '5':Vote_Amount[5]++;break;

		for(int i=1;i<6;i++)
			 cout<< "Nominee No."<< i <<" won "<<Vote_Amount[i]<< " vote(s)"<<endl;
	return 0;

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started new thread for the same question he posted few hours ago

>>"N_showdata.N_enterData();" which says "error C2660: 'NomineeData::N_enterData' : function does not take 0 arguments"

It means exactly what it says.

okay, now after I ran this programme, it did not run as what I expected.
The outputs of Nominee No and Nominee name parts displayed a lot of strange chinese characters, and the loop is an infinite loop but what I want is to automatically stop after 3 votes.

Looking at your code, I have find the possible error.
problem is in line no 80 of your code.
you cannot declare a method in C++ as temp( char *, char * ) and call it later as temp (void ) in main.

Just upon reexamining your code, your program have more problems than that. Simply you cannot thing that C++ will automatically convert char to char *

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