Hey, im new to the forum.
I can code simple programs easily, like I coded a random maze generator with some help.

But I was wondering if someone could teach me how to make the source for the practice and explain to me why you coded it that way.

Write a program which will perform the job of moving the file from one location to another. The source and destination path will be entered by the user. Perform the required error checking and handle the exceptions accordingly. (Intermediate)

This reeks of a homework assignment. What have you done so far?

If it's not, look into the getline() function and the header <fstream>.

Post some code,please.. we need to what you've done so far...

Well this forum likes assuming things doesn't it?

1. This is not a homework problem. It is one of the practice problems in the sticky
2. I posted a code in addition to my question in my "OpenGL help" thread.

It was automatically posted as a new thread after I tried to post it in the sticky.

>>Well this forum likes assuming things doesn't it?

Well you haven't mentioned it wasn't a h.w problem in your first post. And usually most threads here are h.w problem. So as you see, our default assumption is that this post is probably about some h.w problem.

>>It was automatically posted as a new thread after I tried to post it in the sticky

Realize that not everyone might know this. So you sir are in a sense hypocritical, whether you realize it or not.

For me at least I go by this algorithm usually :

Assumption analyzeThread(const DaniwebThread& thread){
 Assumption assumption;
  if thread explicitly describes its problem well
      assumption.add( new WellDescribedThread() );
  else assumption.add( new AnotherNoobThread() );
  if thread explicitly says what the problem is for
      assumption.add( new LegitimateProblem() );
  else assumption.add( new HomeWorkProblem() );

 //..more property

 return assumption; //my assumption