I'm trying to scrape a website using XPath and am running into a little trouble. This is the first time I've played with XPath so I'm a little rusty :/

The relevant source code of the website I'm trying to scrape is:

<span id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_lblEvents">
	<div class="contentmain">
		<div class="textArea1">
			<strong>14 June 2010 - 14 September 2010</strong>
			<br />
			<a href="events.aspx?evID=6591" class="events">Davies Display</a>
			<br />
			<strong>Pontypridd 2010</strong>
			<br />
		.. Theres more of these 'textArea1' divs, and the structure of them is the same as the one above.
	... Again, there's more of these 'contentmain' div's which contain other textArea1 divs.

So far, I have created the following code which gets all the 'contenmain' divs.

// Get the whole page source in order to filter out events
	$RCT_Source = new DOMDocument;
	$XPath = new DOMXPath($RCT_Source);

	$Event_List = $XPath->query("//span[@id='ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_lblEvents']/div[@class='contentmain']");
	foreach ($Event_List as $Event) {


But here's where I'm stuck.

What I need to do now is foreach of the $Events - fetch all the 'textArea1' divs and grab all of the data inside that div. (The data within the <strong> tags, <a> tags etc inside the div.)

Please reply if you'd like more info.

If you could provide any help what-so-ever, it'll be much appreciated.


please give more details..
this detail is not sufficient and little confusing too..

specify clearly what you want..