I am working on a certain project ,and I want to send data from a windows application on a computer to another windows application on another computer , knowing that both computers could be anywhere (not together in a LAN network) ... I heard that it is possible through a TCP or UDP connection ... but I know nothing about them ...
Is there a way to make such a connection in Visual C#??

Thank you :)

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I hope I'm understanding the question correctly though I'm definitely not versed in this area but based on what I do know is that the applications need to be able to find each other using some method. Most applications use a central server with an IP address(es) that does not change (static). This allows all copies of the application to find the server as well as potentially connect to each other.

I asked almost this same question a while back on a different site that's way more anal about how things are to be posted and aren't nice about when you don't phrase it perfectly the first time.


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